So this took a good 20 hours (less actually, because of breaks).  It’s not finished, but the model was being argumentative and unprofessional so was kicked out…guess I’ll never complete it.



June 5, 2012

So I found out about this cool contest:…challenge.html

Basically I get to paint a dragon and can win a prize as well as get some masters looking at my art. Oh, and there is an age limit which helps out my chances  So I tried a few sketches. I deleted like a dozen of them lol. This is all that’s left…The first one here I like a fair bit, but feel it is very generic. They are looking for originality, so I tried to do something different and ended up with the really rough crustacean/bird inspired dragon in the second painting here. It’s an interesting idea (or at least I think it is), but very awkward looking and can use a lot of work design-wise. So I guess I should do some studies of crustacean thingies and then go back to it.

The last painting is a little photo study of a gharial (it was surprisingly quick and straightforward, probably took like 2-3 hours?). I wanted to do a study which can have some application to dragons so chose this since it has a head shape resembling my first sketch. I started out all “I’m gonna be painterly and textural and all Jaime Jones-esque” (I think I’ve been idolizing Jaime a little too much lately). So I didn’t touch my usual basic round brush and pulled out some textured brushes. Then I got really into how easy it was to make it realistic, and completely forgot about being painterly haha! Oh well, one day I’ll figure out this whole art thing.

Sorry for all the rambling about stuff, but it is nice to type out some of my thoughts.


June 3, 2012

Finished up this piece.  Click to make it bigger.  Oh, and I turned 19!