Jeff Jones Studies

February 4, 2011

First is another 15 minutes on one of my previous studies because it was bothering me.

Next, two studies after Jeff Jones, a new hero of mine. Seriously, my appreciation of Jeff’s work was already huge, but doing these studies made it that much more intense. There is emotion in her paintings, something I find very few artists achieve (at least in my eyes).

I learnt a ton about how much hue and saturation can do when values are tightly controlled and restricted in an area. I also noticed a cool effect happens when you have a dark area that is desaturated and add in a few bits of the same value but really high saturation. It creates a kind of vibrating depth that I like (you can see bits of this in the dress of the first study which has saturated blues, and in the shadows of the second study which has reds and purples).

I was using textured brushes, and man, what a difference they can make. I never liked them before, but now am really liking the effects that can be achieved.


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