January 16, 2011

This year I will be focusing a lot more on traditional drawing.  It’s tough to pump out 25 pages each week, but I am sure it will pay off.

This week I used a fineliner pen a  lot (and didn’t use any pencil underneath).  Drawing like that is really tough because you have only one chance to get a line right, and you can’t hesitate at all or do sketchy lines because it simply doesn’t work.  You must also focus a lot on proportion and how everything in the picture relates to everything else or else it will look weird.  Lastly it forces you to use your whole arm in the drawing process rather than your wrist/hand.  A very good exercise, but as I said very tough.

Anyhow, below is a mix of stuff from imagination, life, copies of Bridgman, Moebius and Frazetta.


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