Multi-limbs and Dexter

December 30, 2010

Just a quick painting from my imagination and a Dexter photostudy (1hour).


Screencap Studies

December 28, 2010

Here are a few studies from stills from various movies.  They took 1 hour, 45 minutes, 1 hour.

Stuff I forgot to post

December 27, 2010

Two gouache paintings I forgot to post.  They were my first time trying the medium.  And some paintover stuff I did to help peeps out.  On the right or bottom are my things.


December 27, 2010

Practicing a looser line but still too stiff in my drawings.  Anyhoo, mostly from photos, and the last is a study after Alex Kanevsky.

More Armour

December 24, 2010

Still struggling with line–I think too much in tone and shape now.  Anyways, I think I am finally beginning to understand a bit about armour and how it fits together which is good.  And the digital (which took about 1.75 hours for the two studies together) at the end there taught me some stuff about the reflective properties of metal.

Armour and More!

December 21, 2010

Just some studies in which I fail at trying to do line.  Also some brushed graphite things and a little digital study.

1 Year of Digital Painting

December 16, 2010

So it is almost exactly one year to the day when I began painting digitally.  Feels like I have been doing it longer somehow.  I did a 1 hour photostudy to compare how I did with another one I did a year ago.  I improved a bit, but mostly in just my facility with the medium.  I remember the photostudy from a year ago I felt super rushed and was racing like mad to get it done to a passable level, but this time around I took my time and was completely relaxed, not even thinking about the time limit I imposed on myself.  I even wasted a bunch of time playing around with a soft-edged brush I don’t normally use.  I find it funny that both times I didn’t bother getting around to the face until there was just a couple minutes left and couldn’t finish it.  Anyhow, we’ll see how much I improve in another year.

Sorolla Study

December 11, 2010

A quick copy of Sorolla…that man was a god.  HE’S SOOO GOOD.  My copy isn’t very good of course, but whatever.  I’m in a bit of an art slump right now, so I just have to keep on going and get through it.

Been Lazy

December 6, 2010

Haven’t done much worth showing, but here is a still life skull (of a horse? just found it in the art room at school).  If you click on it for a bigger picture you can see how I played with the hatching on it.