November 14, 2010

So here are just a few things. The first two are the first time I have done any long poses. About 2.5 hours and just under 2. The second one was also me trying out charcoal–I put down a wash and then used an eraser for highlights and a charcoal pencil for some darker values. Neither photographed very well unfortunately, and look much better and smoother in real life.

The digitals are just some quick photostudies, with the last one being from imagination. They took about half an hour each give or take a bit (and a little over an hour on the imagination one), and I was trying out a different approach. I used a hard round brush on really high opacity and painted in major blocks of values. Only at the end did I do a bit of more refined blending. I think I need to play with this more than my usual slowly building up in thin washes approach since it is both faster and I think probably describes the form better.


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