October 31, 2010

Here is a 45 minute Sargent study.  Mostly I was playing with textured brushes.  I never really do and think it is about time to start.  Don’t think I really learned much from it though :(.


3 Plein Airs

October 31, 2010

Three plein air paintings done last weekend with the Ontario Plein Air Society.  First one took several hours, the other two were maybe 30-45 minutes.   The last one was done on a super foggy and rainy cold day, and is actually pretty close to what you saw when looking across the lake.

LTS Round 3

October 30, 2010

Here is my entry and steps for round three of Last Teen Standing over on the forums.  Last round I tied for the highest score and had Bumskee specifically mention me as one of his favourites, so I wanted to keep going strong this round.  Unfortunately, I have been busy all week and had to do the entire piece today, so it may not be as good as it could have been.  The topic was dragon hunter.  Click for a larger pic.


A Bunch of Drawings

October 27, 2010

It’s been almost two weeks since my last update…I need to change that.  So here is a bunch of stuff I have been doing.  I still need to photograph three plein air oil paintings I did.

The anatomy is after Bammes, whom I have never studied before but am liking a lot already.  The lifedrawings were all pretty short poses, ranging from 1 to 20 minutes (lots of 5’s and 10’s).


October 13, 2010

Tonight’s lifedrawings.  They range from 90 seconds to 30 minutes, and are done with coloured pencils except the last two which are ballpoint pen.

Lame SP

October 13, 2010

Not too happy with this one…


October 11, 2010

Done for a school assignment.  The likeness is a bit off, but overall I think it turned out okay (but I am sick of staring at it now, so I don’t know how good it actually is).  I included some progress shots for the fun of it.

Lots of Studies

October 10, 2010

Been too lazy to photograph this stuff earlier, so now there is a bunch of stuff at once.  The lifedrawings are mostly 30 minutes (maybe a couple 20’s in there).  The still-lifes range from about just under an hour and a half to just under  four hours.  The pen sketch is a copy after Frazetta and the hands are done from life.

A Dark SP

October 7, 2010

Not sure how this will turn out on other screens (hope it isn’t just a black rectangle), but on mine it is nice and dark but there is still a lot of detail visible.  I think it is the most restricted value range I have ever painted with, because the only light source was the light from my monitor.  I am fairly pleased with it and the likeness considering that A) it took one hour, and B) I didn’t do a line drawing underneath, rather just painted in flat values starting with big shapes and moving to small ones as I saw them.