More Paintings

September 1, 2010

Just finished up my trip at the cottage. I’ll be coming home tomorrow.  It proved to have some wonderful painting (and some not so wonderful painting), and overall was a very fun experience.  I once again had the privilege to go out and paint with various local painters over several days.  It is great to go out and paint with other people–you learn so much more.  The images in this post are in chronological order (hence the iffy start).

First up above is a better photo of the swamp I posted a few days ago. Below is one of the most hated paintings I did (THE most hated painting was of a log building and was scraped off completely and painted over).  This one here is terrible.  It has a poor composition, too much black, terrible colours, the water does not look like water, blah blah blah.  I won’t drag on about everything I hate about it.  Anyway, not to pull out lame excuses, but the light was extremely variable that day.  It would go from very sunny with wonderful shadows and colours, to the most dull overcast day.  Back and forth back and forth.  It really threw me off.

A disgruntled me throwin’ paint around…

Okay. The next one was done at the end of a long afternoon of paddling out to this tiny tiny little island in the lake.  It had this wonderful birch tree at the end that I managed to mangle in my painting.  I kind of like the painting, but failed to capture this amazing light that was on the birch.  It has this almost unnatural warm yellowish glow on the lit parts playing beautifully against a purplish shadow with some cool hints of blue reflected from the sky. The whole effect was impressive, but didn’t translate into paint (or photo for that matter).  The painting was 8×10 and finished surprisingly quickly (I think about and hour).

The next painting is probably my favourite of the bunch.  It was done at this set of rapids right by the water.  I was nice and cool even though with the humidity it supposedly felt like 40 celsius.  The process for this one was very smooth and I had no real hitches; I liked it from the start.  Only thing about the area was it was dangerous.  I fell (managed to land on rocks and not my painting), and I think both the other painters I was with fell at some point too.  Nobody was injured, but I broke a brush.

The painting below was done on the side of a bridge on this nice little road.  A great view, but a bit scary when a big truck went by (I was fortunately on the other side of the barrier, but everything still rattled).  I had a lot of trouble deciding on a composition, and went through numerus thumbnail sketches before I found one that I was satisfied with.  I think this is probably my second favourite painting of the trip.  Overall I feel it is pretty strong, but it looks better in real life (as with all of these). I think the colours may be slightly off here.

Last painting now.  I realize that this is probably getting kind of long, so I will keep it short.  It was the second painting of the day, and I was getting very tired and hot, and I stupidly painted under a tree in the shade, but there was constant little bits of sunlight swaying all over and distracting me.  Basically I don’t like it.

That’s all for now.  I’ll try and get my scanner up and running whenI get home, and then there will be a bunch of sketches to post.


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