Cottage Life

August 26, 2010

The past few days have been spent at a cottage near Eganville, ON.  It is a beautiful area, and some of the Group of Seven painted around here.

I have been doing some drawing and painting here (although admittedly not as much as I should be doing).  Here is a sketch I did of this big rock face on the lake that we are near.  The photo has a bit of glare on it (lighting was not ideal for it) and so the right part of the picture should look more like the left in terms of values.

And a photo of me sketching and the actual location (although at this point it is not in sunlight).  We paddled out to a tiny island where I sat down and did the sketch.  It is much more difficult drawing landscapes from life than I expected, especially with the light changing drastically from minute to minute–one second it is sunny with nicely defined shadows and highlights, the next it is overcast and the rocks look formless.

And yesterday I had the privilege of going out with two local artists and doing some plein air painting side-by-side.  It was my first serious attempt at it (not counting a disastrous 20 minute one done the previous day trying to catch the sunset–for quick events like that photography is easier).  The painting below took around two hours.  I will see about getting a better photo of it when it is dry.  It proved very difficult to do, and I now have a lot more respect for all artists who manage to do plein air painting with any degree of success.


Back At It

August 18, 2010

So I am officially done with all the Canadian Junior National Water Polo Team stuff now.  It was exhausting and left no time or energy for art.  Anyhow, the end result was no drawing for over a month.  Here is my lame attempt at trying to get back into it.  Something is off but I don’t know what and am getting sick of the image.  It is done entirely from imagination, and although I guess it is okay considering the break I just had from art, I don’t like it.